We power the sending of
information and goods.
Simplifying shipping and
mailing processes with confidence.

Physical mail continues to be a vital part of how business is done in the complex world of commerce— especially for small and medium businesses. These companies in particular want tools and partners
that have experience navigating this world, while also
finding hybrid solutions to move them forward in the digital space. Simply. Efficiently. And cost-effectively.
From a wide selection of postage meters to online postage to software, PBSmartech has the right solution for a variety of business needs. For small businesses, our postage meters for mail and parcels off er in-house convenience and save money by managing postage funds, tracking costs and controlling expenses. Medium and large-volume mailers benefi t from the automation,
security, accuracy and productivity of our integrated mailing systems and software.

We deliver precision,
enterprise-wide. Driving parcel
handling and mailing efficiency
with end-to-end innovation.
Today, large-scale enterprises always keep their eye on the big picture— and the bottom line—when it comes to mailing and parcel handling.
They have to leverage software and technology to strike the right balance between the physical and digital worlds, effectively integrating systems across
the enterprise to meet customer needs.They need to keep up-to-date with the latest postal and government compliance regulations. And they need to tightly manage operational costs in their printing, mailing and
sorting processes for billions of parcels and pieces of mail each year.